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MMA was originally written “just for Linux”. However, due to the magic of Python, it's pretty easy to run on other platforms.

To help, Michael Mlivoncic has kindly prepared this Windows Installation Guide which should make it easy to get going on various Windows flavors.

Courtesty of our friend Bertrand a package consisting of Python 3.7 and MMA 19.08 has been assembled into a zip file. Just download it from, unzip it in C:\WPython64 (make sure it's not a subfolder) and all you're done.

David Asorey Álvarez has a package ready to install at Sadly, David's been busy with other projects and hasn't had time to maintain this so the version is very out-of-date. Any volunteers to maintain it? Please contact me!

Our good friend Kara has been playing with a portable solution using “Portable Python”. Here's the scoop:

  1. Get yourself a nice USB drive or pen stick,
  2. Download portable python from,
  3. Install portable on your USB drive/stick,
  4. Download and install (or copy from your existing) MMA to the same device as portable python. Use the “tar.gz” distribution for this,
  5. Make a batch file mma.bat (in the directory from MMA) containing the following two lines:
    • Device letter:\portable python dir\app\python %1 %2 %3 %5 %6
    • pause
That's it, MMA completly portable on every Windows PC!

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