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For our Spanish-speaking users, David Asorey Álvarez has done a tutorial in Spanish. (Unfortunately, this appears to be a dead link ... anyone?)

A translation of the Tutorial is available in French.

One of our friends is translating the reference manual to French. He has chapters 1-12 up at:

I have written some short essays about MMA that contain some tutorial level material.


I used the kate text editor for awhile (I'm back to using emacs) and wrote a syntax highlighting file. The program katexml-py will generate the necessary xml file for kate. After downloading the file, run it with the command ./ >mma.xml, install the xml file with the others that kate uses (probably in the directory /usr/share/apps/katepart/syntax). This file can be improved—your help is solicited.

San Vu Ngoc has created a very nice Emacs mode for MMA. He is kindly hosting this file on his site: MMA Emacs.

I'm far from a expert on elisp. Heck, I'm not even a novice! But that still leaves me impressed by mma.el ... it actually parses the output of “mma -Dk” and keeps its internal tables current so we don't need a new version each time we add keywords to MMA. Cool.

I've finally convinced myself that emacs-is-not-evil and really wish I'd done so years ago. Really, the learning curve isn't that bad. And the upshot is that modes (like this one) are very useful. So, if you aren't using emacs yet, do consider it.

Hervé Christol uses the SciTE editor, a free source code editor for win32 and linux, and has written a nice highlighter. It's available on his site at mmaScite. Thank you!


I use the music notation program MUP for my notation needs. The program mup2mma is a short Python program which aids in extracting the chords for MMA. See the notes at the top of the program for operational details.

There are literally thousands of .sty files for Yamaha keyboards. At the urging of Kara I wrote a conversion program which takes an existing .sty file in the SFF1 format and converts it to MMA. This is not a perfect conversion, but a lot of the files sound pretty good. Included in the archive is the program and a short README which is the only documentation.

This is a small (10k) compressed Unix/Linux .gz file: ys2mma-0.7.tar.gz.

Our friend Alain Brenzikofer has written a nice Perl script to extract MMA chord files from “Band In A Box” files. Get his biabconverter and have fun!

Gek S. Low has written a program to extract chords from abc2mps generated ABC files. Neat part is that it'll also create the correct lines for the MMA script to include melody lines generated by abc2midi. Cool. Get it at abc2mma.

Musescore users should like this musescore plugin: which will generate MMA files from your favorite compositions. Thanks Bertrand!

Other Music Links of Interest

HitSquad has hundreds of links to sites on the internet with various musical tools. Covers Windows, Mac and Linux.

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