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When the Wynndel Wireless Society was on its last legs in the fall of 2014 they made a deal with Swift Internet. I was pretty concerned: I saw a company that was overwhelmed with the addition of 200+ customers and started to see slower speeds. For awhile I was down to 1mps service, and the continued unreliablity of a 900 MHz connection through a small forest. I was not happy.

However, over the winter of 2014/15 Kitt and his crew did a top notch job for our community. The culmination of all this is that I'm now using a rock solid 2.5 GHz connection (still though a forest). We've had some storms, snow, and now the leaves are out on the trees. No problems!

My speed? Seems I'm paying for a 3/3 connection. However, my speed tests are much closer to 5/5 (I think they are giving a boost for a undetermined period). And, the caps are so high that they are non-existent: 500 gig a month is more that I'll ever need (well, for now).

UPDATE (April/2016): Swift recieved some money from CBT and the Federal Government and used it to upgrade their backhauls ... and ... increase customer speeds. My “Internet 53” package is advertised as 5Mps up and down. Testing reveals it's actually a bit better. And faster (more expensive) packages are available.

So, for now I'm pretty happy. And if Shaw or Telus do decide to service our community it'd have to be a pretty good deal for me to even look at it. After being told by the corporate giants to “drop dead” it'll be nice to tell them the same.

So, if you need internet in the Creston Valley give Kitt at Swift Internet a call! Tell him you read my page!

Sadly all good(ish) things come to an end. Swift has was purchased by Mascon, a Telus subsidiary in early 2022. I was hoping for some good things to come from this ... after all how bad could life be under the Telus umbrella. Speeds remain the same and the costs have not gone up. The level of service is way down, since the local operation has gone from about 7 to 10 employees to 2. If you want to contact them https://mascon.ca/.

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