thousand five hundred and ninety-five (4595) Group One (1) in the
 District of West Kootenay, in the Province of British Columbia,
and which said parcel or tract of land and premises may be
more particularly described as follows:
     Commencing at the north-east angle of Lot Two hundred and
seventy-nine (279) Group One (1) district and province aforesaid,
being also the south-west angle of Sublot Fifty-one (51) of Lot
Four thousand five hundred and ninety-five (4595):

     Thence North, following the westerly limit of said sublot,
Forty (40) chains:

     Thence West Forty (40) chains:

-To have and to hold unto the said Grantee his heirs and assigns
to and for his and their sole and only use forever, subject nevertheless
to the reservations, limitation, provisoes and conditions expressed in the original grant
thereof from the Crown, and reserving unto the said Grantor all wood, timber and trees upon
the said described land (except such as may be required by the said Grantee his
heirs and assigns for fuel for himself and his
family while residing on the said land and for fencing and building
thereon) and all coal, petroleum and valuable or marketable stone or either, in, upon or
under the same, with the right of ingress and egress thereto and therefrom over the said land.
And also reserving to the said Grantor the right, upon payment of reasonable compensation
therefor (the amount of which in the event of the same not being mutually agreed upon, shall
upon the application of any or either of the parties interested therein, be summarily fixed
and determined by a Judge of the County Court usually exercising jurisdiction in the District within
which the said land is situate, and whose decision as to the amount of such compensation shall
be final and conclusive) to mine, bore, dig, quarry and work of and carry away the said coal,
petroleum and stone or either and to carry on the operations incidental thereto including the
right to take and use such portion or portions of the said land as may be necessary therefor.

    Also reserving unto the said Grantor the right to take a strip or strips of land one
hundred feet wide for so much of such strip or strips of land as many be within the said described
(illegible ... railway? Access?)