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These pages feature art, software and music produced by us. Please feel free to browse, download and view. And if you like things or have a comment, do drop Val or Bob a nice little email.

Navigation though the site is done though the menu bar at the top of the pages. Please note that the drop down menus are short cuts ... the top level tabs also take you to interesting pages (well, we thought they were interesting).


February 2018: Enabled SSL certification on this site. Now you can browse in confidence.

March 2016: Spent the afternoon playing with CSS. My wife went to a workshop and there was a complaint that the navigation panels weren't being resized (important for mobile). So, that's fixed! Instead of percentage font sizes I'm now using the “VM” unit which does resize.

April 2015: I just discovered that the Chrome browser wasn't playing any of my audio files. Sorry, but it's fixed now.

November 2013: At least one file has suffered from some “bit-rot” on this site. I've added a SHA1 checksum to all download files. To check that the file/download is correct please run a sha1 generator on it (Linux: sha1sum, Windows: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/889768, Mac: http://osxdaily.com/2009/10/13/check-md5-hash-on-your-mac/ ). I've also re-worked my drop down menu code ... seems to be working now.

December 2012: Added Google+ button to all pages.

January 2012: Created paypal Buy Now buttons for Val's Art.

November 2011: Migrated to HostMantis ... very happy. If you'd like more info on my “satisfaction level” have a read of my quick review.

June 2011: Been working a bit on cleaner/prettier HTML and CSS. One day I'll understand what I'm doing. Removed Tech Headlines from this page.

February, 2010: Photo Galleries added.

February, 2009: Added some essays about music.

November, 2008: Added Google Ad-Sense to the site. Hopefully I can make a few dollars; but, mostly I'm curious to see just how much this advertising stuff does. If you see something of interest, please do click on the kind advertiser!

August, 2008: Playing with more and more css in my pages. Hope they are cleaner and nicer to look at.

July, 2008: Recompliled all the HTML files with my new htmlexp program.

April 2008: Added a page for my CD Cedars and some new art for Val's art pages.

Februray 2008: Made some changes to the download boxes for site consistency.

August 2007: Still updating things. Got some new recordings and a picture of a good looking soprano sax player on my IMC page.

November 2006: Uploaded images of my saxophones and populated Val's art pages.

October 2006: Added a link on this page to some Daily Rotation headlines. Hope you enjoy them.

September 2006: New look and feel, art pages AND a new hosting site and domain name. Gosh, that seems a lot for one day. Thanks Rony for the space and bandwidth!

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